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Your independence

Explore with us a world of independence using the EWELL smart card.

Our Prepaid Cards

Evolve into the digital era with our prepaid cards and enjoy incredible benefits.


Use the EWELL pax and set a limit for each purchase while tracking mileage from your mobile phone.

Control your budget

Control your budget using our prepaid cards for gas and lubricant purchases 24/24.

About Us

As an integrated services and products provider in the oil and gas sector, EJROSEY WELL has set out a strategy for investing in people, processes, products, services, and continuous expansion. Created in 2014, EJROSEY WELL has become a major distributor in the oil and gas sector of West Africa.

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Our Services

Port and offshore

Port and offshore Bunkering in Cotonou, Lomé, Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire

Import and export

Import and export, storage, transportation, distribution of oil and gas and agricultural products


Commodities trading


Full service gas stations


Petroleum truck transportation services